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To print a Bonus check for an employee, you must add an Earnings code to their Employee Earnings Tab.

If you want to create a Bonus Earnings Code which is not taxed, please see the next section.

1. You may find the system provided taxed Earnings Code called Bonus in File, Preferences, Payroll, Earn/Deduct Codes.


2.  Add this to the employee's record as rate and hours set to 0.00.

3. If you do not want Miscellaneous Deductions to be taken for this 'bonus' check, you must click into the Misc. Deductions Tab and un-mark them, then re-mark them later.


4. When you process payroll, add the amount for the bonus check.


5. If you are only paying a bonus, you may zero out the Amount for wages and enter an amount for the bonus.



Remember: after you make changes to an employee’s record, you must reset the record when you process payroll. If you set the Bonus to zero on the Earnings tab, you will not have to zero it out everytime you process payroll. You may simply leave it there until the next time you want to pay a bonus.


Christmas Bonus for Clergy non-taxed


To print a non-taxed Bonus check for an employee, you must add the code to the Earn/Deduct Codes in Preferences and then add this Earnings code to their Employee Earnings Tab. 

1. Add a new Earnings Code for non-taxed Bonus:

Go into, File/Preferences/Payroll/(Earn/Deduct Codes)/New       



Enter Account Type: Income, Category: Bonus, Description: Bonus Clergy or Bonus (untaxed).

Unmark all the tax categories in the ‘Withhold Taxes’ box.



2. Go to Step 3 above for the rest of this process.

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