LA Payroll - W2: How to Update a W2

How to update a W2

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  • Select the Payroll Tab and the W2 function.

  • Click next
  • Recalculate All, this will update the form with the current information. 




If you find that not all of the information is correct, you may update it in one of two ways:

  1. Set your date back to the pertinent year:
  2. You may go into Edit Payroll Check History for each employee


  1. Select the Employee for whom you want to modify the taxes and then click on the Checks


  1. Select the Check you want to add taxes for and then click on the Taxes tab


  1. The Taxes screen shows the total amount of taxes taken for this employee YTD. Add the additional taxes to this employee’s record for this check. Continue to update each check for the tax amount for which the employee is responsible.    


  1. Depending on where you are in the process, you may need to rerun your 941s and recalculate your W2s.


PLEASE NOTE: Another option is, after recalculating the W2’s you may enter the correct numbers right on the form. You must not recalculate all after doing this, though, as it will reset the forms to the system amounts found in payroll history.

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