LA Payroll - EPay: Not all Payroll Items Transmitted

Not all Payroll transactions made it to BluePay

  1. Check with Blue-Pay by logging into your account and looking for the transactions (if you don’t know how to do this, call blue-pay at 866-441-9670)
  2. If none of them made it, you simply must export the whole file again:
  3. If some, but not all went, you must: Either (A) log into your Blue-Pay account and Void the ones that made it there and then go to step 2 above (recommended), OR, (B) void those checks in Logos that did NOT make it through to Blue-Pay and recreate them to send again. To void them in Blue-Pay, log into your account and on the transaction list
    • Highlight the transaction(s) that needs to be voided.
    • On the far right side under options, select the drop down arrow and choose new.
    • On this new screen, under transaction type, select Void and hit the green Process button.
    • Go back to the transaction list. You should see the voided transaction(s).


  1. If you must follow Step 3, Option (B) -- void check/resend instructions, you will see two items when you go to export E-Pay. Select the correct one to send, which will be the one with the smallest dollar amount. Then, follow the instructions below to remove the other item.


Do this after you have completed all epay processing:

Desktop Customers: Open the following file:

  • C:\logoswin\gl\data  (or whatever the name of your data set is)
  • Look for the two files that begin with epay (there should only be two)
  • Highlight each one and click on the [Delete] 

Hosted Customers: Contact Support and let them know the epay files must be removed.

Now this file will only show one item the next time you process payroll.



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