Logos Ministry Connect - BluePay vs. Nations vs. HaloPays

BluePay Credit Card Processing is the base that anchors the merchant account and gateway. They are the actual processor that handles the merchant’s funds.

BluePay Customer Service: 866-680-8324


Nations Transaction Services is a sales office for BluePay. All applications for BluePay Credit Card Processing received by HaloPays are processed and submitted through the Nations office.


Control scan (or HayloPays) for PCI Compliance is the faith-based extension of both BluePay and Nations (since these two are directly correlated to each other). This is the liaison between you and Nations/BluePay. The merchant (or Logos rep) can and should contact Control Scan or HaloPays first with any questions -- they can answer most questions, and if not, they have a faster way of connecting the client to someone who can. If the you have any questions about your statements, transactions, monthly fees, PCI compliance status or anything else regarding their merchant or gateway account, contact Control Scan or HaloPays.

Control Scan 1-800-825-3301 x 1

HaloPays Customer Service: 877.769.4256 – support@halopays.com


Merchant - In the processing world the “merchant” is the Logos customer, i.e. the church or other type of organization that is accepting the donations or processing the payroll.


Depending on the issues that arise (i.e. application problems, billing issues, etc.) it’s possible for the merchant to be contacted by any one of the three organizations listed above.




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