Logos Ministry Connect - Flow: from donation through import (Admin: Setup)

  1. Your Logos Connect website is where people can create an account, sign in, and donate and also maintain some of their own Logos II information.                                                                                                                                                                                                                

When the donor clicks on the link to Create an Account, they will have the opportunity to complete activating their account and setting up a password.


                When the donor creates an account, the system will send them an email as follows:




Congratulations! An online account has now been created for you on behalf of <<Organization>>.
Click on the link below to begin taking advantage of the many features Logos Ministry Connection has to offer: 
<<Site URL>>

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact <<Site Contact>> or e-mail at <<Site E-mail>>.

Thank you.



The email is set up in:  Definitions > System Emails > Logos Connect Create Member Login

                If you leave the items in carrots (<< >>) alone, the system will automatically fill in the proper information.


There may be a time when the user needs to create a new account. When they do so, they are simply creating a new login to the same account. When the church administrator accepts the new account by merging it with the existing Logos II record, everything will transfer to the ‘new’ login and the donor can manage all of their recurring donations from there. The donor will have to re-enter their credit card or bank check information, however.


  1. When there are new registrations or guest giving, to initiate the process where online giving syncs with Logos II, Church Admin logs in to Logos Connect Church Portal in the Logos Connect Dashboard, and selects the Ministry Connection Tab, then goes into ‘Manage Account Registrations.’ Here they either merge an existing member or add a new member.                                                                                                                                                                  

It may take a moment to search for any accounts that need to be merged or added.

When it finds them, it will list them as follows:

If this is an existing Member, click that button so it will add it.


You may need to manipulate the search data to find the record in Logos. In this case, I cleared out the email address and it found the donor in the Logos II records. If the email address is different than that found in Logos II, Logos II will be updated.


If the member has an existing login and creates a second login, if the church merges the new account to the existing account the existing login is removed and only the new login is valid. Any recurring donations that existed under the 1st login now exist under the new login, and the giving confirmation emails will be sent to the new login email address.

Please note: It is good to always check this. Sometimes there will be no Members to Register or Update, but if a donor has updated his record, his donation will not sync into Logos II until this step has been taken.




  • Sync from Ministry Connect into Logos—a two-step process:
    1. Step 1: Depending upon your settings, the Sync from your server runs either automatically or manually. For Go Global customers, this happens overnight. You may email support and ask them to run an additional Sync during the day if you wish. The items you processed in step II are waiting in a hub to be synchronized into Logos II. You will know this by the message that pops up in the lower right corner of Logos II when you first log in:



                     Step 2: Import MC Data: Import the family information first (if there is any), then the donations. Until you have done both steps, nothing more will sync down and be available to import into Logos II. Any new items processed after the sync has been run will be held in the hub until this second step has been completed.

[People]                                              [Contributions]



  1. If you do not Import MC Data after a sync, all of the new items that are processed in MC (step II Manage Account Registrations) will stay in the MC hub. After you Import the MC Data into Logos II, and then run a new Sync (III), all the information waiting in the hub will sync down and be ready to Import into Logos II.
  2. After step III, #2, the sync III, #1, must be run again before the donors will see their activity in MC. 
  1. To check for errors:



Even for items that are not marked as, ‘Publish to the Web,’ this error message will display. This is because donations go both ways—those made in Logos II will sync to MC and display there for the donor to see. Because it tries to sync with MC, it has to meet this MC requirement. Therefore, it is really best to put in a valid bank account for the fund, even if this is not an online choice.


  1. PLEASE NOTE: there will be times when a donation is rejected due to insufficient funds.
    1. In these cases, depending upon the circumstances, Blue Pay may accept the donation at first and then return it later. In these cases, since the transaction has already completed between Logos and Blue-Pay, Logos is not updated. To receive notifications of rejected donations, log into your blue-pay gateway, got to Admin,  accounts, list, and click the ‘view’ icon.  If the Merchant Receipt box is not checked, click the pencil for edit and mark it. You will then receive email notifications for rejections so you will know to void the transaction.
    2. In addition, when you do log into Blue-Pay and look at the transaction, you will see a codein the message field: R01 which means insufficient funds. You may google seach any code in that field to determine the meaning.
  2. Contact Support: When you have completed all of these steps and still have an issue for which you must contact Logos Support, please provide the following information: (these issues are often best emailed in with this information in the initial email for timely closure- support@logoscms.com )

Donor's Logos Member ID:

Donor's name:

Donor's email address:

Donor's MC ID (found in Manage People > Contribution's tab in the upper right corner):

Date of transaction:

Blue Pay transaction ID:

Church Admin: How to Add Credit Card function: Login to your dashboard account. In the [Home] module [Admin] [ By Org/Dept].


Open the church's org profile, then click on the View BankAccounts link over on the right.


There may be more than one bank account listed. Click on the Account Name to populate the fields below with the bank account details. You're looking for the account that has the Merchant Number/Password fields populated (those are the BP account ID and secret key). Once the correct bank account is populated, check the applicable payment types over on the right, in the Payments Accepted area. Then click the Save icon.


Please Note: In most cases only the Visa/MasterCard box should be checked. American Express and Discover require additional application setup directly with those card companies and most churches don't go through that extra process.

Donor: Remove Recurring Donations






























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