CNA Software Integration: How to integrate ConnectNow Accounting with Smart Tuition

Integrating ConnectNow Accounting with Smart Tuition is a simple process.

First, you need to contact Smart Tuition and tell them you would like to integrate Smart Tuition with ConnectNow Accounting. If you are a current Smart Tuition Customer, you would contact your Account Manger at Smart Tuition (866) 395-2986. If you are a prospective Smart Tuition Customer, you would call and ask for Sales (800) 468-8996 or email at

Smart Tuition will take it from there. They will set up the Smart Tuition Interface on their end. They will then contact ParishSOFT, ConnectNow Accounting IT, who will update the integration information in the Accounting Software. 

Once ParishSOFT IT has completed this task, we will inform Smart Tuition that the ConnectNow Accounting - Smart Tuition Integration Setup has been completed on our end. Smart Tuition will contact you to let you know the integration is turned on.

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