Logos Ministry Connect - Admin: How to reset your own password and set up access

MC How to reset your own password, how to add another church user, how to give them access to update the web site




If the administrator cannot remember their password, if they would enter their username then click ‘here’ as shown on the screen print.


The Administrator may then set up the staff user accounts. This is done by clicking on Home/Administration/User Profiles.

  • Click on Administration, then User Profiles. Search for the person to make sure they are not already in the system, if they are in the system, they may just need to be updated. 
  • Click on the green plus symbol to the right of the Parent Organization field, this will bring up a window to search for the organization. At the top of this window is an ID field, enter the organization ID# here. ‘0###0’ Then click on "search", then "Select" the correct organization. Once selected, the window automatically closes.
  • If the org is a school, at the bottom left is a check box that says "Show all Parent/Child Organizations", this needs to be checked, or schools will not show in the search. 
  • Enter in personal info: First & last names, phone number, email address (if there are two on the application, use the one that is for the person, not for their superior.) 
  • Enter a user name and password. Then, the rest of your information. 
  • Especially important is adding the privileges for you to be able to update the web page.


  1. In the "Module Access" box, check mark "Home" , “Church Community” & “Ministry Connection”, click on "Save/Update". If you don't save at this point, the next steps can't be taken.
  2. Click on Permission Groups (right lower corner) and select Web Site












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