CNA Reports - Account List: How to get a list that can be sorted by Account Code, Shortcut, or Description

The best way to get an Account List that can be sorted by the Account Code, Shortcut, or the Description is to copy the list to Excel and use the excel command to sort.

Start by going into Ledger & Payables, Accounts. Click the Find Account Button at the top.

Select the Accounts from the top left including the headers, to the bottom. Then copy the selection with Ctrl-C:

Open an Excel Worksheet and Paste the selection by clicking into the top left cell then clicking Ctrl-V.

Resize the Cells.

Use Excel to sort and re-arrange the columns.

Example: after resize and remove column A, Sort by description

Example: after move Account Code to Column A and sort by Account code

Example: after move Shortcut to Column A and sort by Shortcut



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