CNA Payroll - Reports: Payroll Summary for Date Range or by Selection

The following article shows you how to select a group of sequential payroll process dates or several non-sequential payroll process dates when printing the Payroll Summary Report.


How do I run a Payroll Summary for more than just one payroll ?

  1. In the Payroll Tab, select Reports.
  2. In Paycycle, Select Payroll Summary.
  3. On the Configure Report screen, click the first date in your range.
  4. Scroll down to the last date in your range, click the Shift Key and click the last date. All Payrolls should be selected between the two dates.
  5. Preview the report to ensure this is what you are looking for.



How do I select several non-sequential payroll dates or omit one from my selection?

You can also use CTRL + (mouse click) to select or deselect a payroll process date. The (de)selection works the same way and can be inside your range or in addition to it.

Perhaps you had to issue a payroll out of order or you needed to void an entire payroll and reprocess it at a later date.  If this process shows in the middle of your range or is not included in your range you can use CTRL + (mouse click) to add it or remove it.

In the example below we could have had an entire range from 1 to 10 (6 to 10 not showing) and used the CTRL + (mouse click) to deselect processes 2 and 3 or, if the range is from 4 thru 10, we could have used CTRL + (mouse click) to add process 1.

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