CNA L&P - Checks: How do I print a check which was marked as printed but was not printed

How do I print a check which was marked as printed but not printed?

If you need to print a check but have already closed out the check PDF and marked the check as having printed, your only options are to either delete the check or to void the check.

  • If you delete the check, you may go into checks and start the create/print check process over for the existing bill.
  • If you void the check, you have the option to make a copy of the original bill and then continue to print the check for this new bill.

The delete option is only available if your login has the delete privileges. Privileges are set up and managed by your System Administrator and support is not authorized to change or update them.

The following Help Files will give you some excellent information to consider: 

How Are Voided Checks Recorded in CNA

How to Delete or Void a Check in CNA

CNA - Print Checks Process


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