CNA L&P - Checks: Can I use check stock when the check number is associated with a void

Can I use check stock when the check number is associated with a void?

After printing your checks, you may have noticed the check number sequence was off. In order to ensure the recorded checks matched the physical checks, you were forced to void the checks, copy the bills, and assign the correct check numbers to each bill.

Due to this process, you have check stock that has not yet been used but that is associated with a void in ConnectNow Accounting.



You may use the check stock. When you print each of these checks, simply use the correct check number and add an alpha character at the end. This will allow the check numbers to be re-used and also provide a close match to the Bank Statement when reconciling.



A clerk uses two different sets of checks depending on the purpose. Set A is numbered 100-900 and Set B is numbered 1000 - 2000. When printing a check run for Set B, the check number 201 was the first number recorded although the physical check was 12003. The clerk forgot to change the number to 12003. Once she realized her mistake, she was forced to Void the Checks, Make a Copy of the Bills, and Assign the correct check numbers. Now the check stock beginning 201 is still available, but the numbers are already associated with a void, so the software will not allow them to be re-used. The clerk must simply use the stock from Set A when appropriate, and renumber the checks adding an alpha character to the end: 201a, 202a, etc. 

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