Facility Scheduler - Import Holidays process from download to finding the files to import

Download the Holidays from the Logos Website, Upgrades & Downloads. Select Facility Scheduler Holidays or Facility Scheduler Holidays (Catholic) 

  • Find your downloads file and search for Holidays.

  • Double Click on 20yy-20yy_Holidays zip file

  • Select them all. (Ctrl-A)

  • Use Ctrl-C to copy or right click and choose copy.
  • Go to your folder of choice and use Ctrl-V or Right-click and select paste.
  • From within Facility Scheduler, click Import/Export and choose Import Holidays.
    Use the Browse Button and choose your folder of choice.

  • Change the Files of type to All Files (*.*)

  • Select each one and click Import, Next, and Import.

  • Do this for all three files.
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