LII People - Reports:Export Data for Phone Numbers or Email Addresses

I'm looking for a report that has Phone Number Contacts for all of the families in my data set. Which report should I use?


The Selected Individual List, 3-Line report is the simplest way to get a phone number list or an email list for your members.


You most likely will want to limit this report to adult members. Adult members normally have an ID of .01 & .02.

You may also want to limit your report in other ways of your choice.


When you export the report, choose the Delimited with Comma option. Click Print.

You will be prompted to save this report to your local drive. You may browse to any location. The default location is Logoswin\Logos\Export\yourreport

You may then manipulate this report to reflect what you want. Remove any unwanted columns and move other columns around. You also may need to format certain columns.



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