Logos Ministry Connect - Setting Up LII for MC Contributions: Bank Accounts & Funds

To set up Logos to work with Ministry Connect, you must Set up your bank account to communicate with Blue Pay and Logos to communicate with Ministry Connect. You also must create funds in LII.

Set up your Bank Account to communicate with BluePay:

When you Log into your Blue-Pay Account, you will find your Account ID and your Secret Key under Account Information. You will need this to update Logos II.

To set it up in Logos II, click File/Preferences/Banking/Bank Accts.

In the Primary Bank Account, Select the Logos Giving Tab. Add the information you were given to set this up. If you can’t find it, you may log into Blue Pay to retrieve it.

The Processor is BluePay. The Username is your Account ID and the Password is the Secret Key.



Web Services

Web Services must also be set up to Communicate with Ministry Connect



Create Funds in LII


Select the Contributions Tab and Click on Manage Funds. Create Funds and mark them as Publish to the Web.



After creating your Funds and marking them as Publish to the Web, an overnight Sync must run for them to display on the Logos Connect Web Site. If you are not hosted, you may run an immediate manual sync.

Once they are on the Logos Connect Website, you or your members may start making contributions

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