PSG Gear Button - Data Export: How to manually export contributions from ParishSOFT Giving for Import into Family Suite Offering

How to manually export contributions from ParishSOFT Giving for import into Family Suite Offering

If you do not see Data Export as an option in the Settings menu, please contact the primary Admin for your Giving Site to have your Manager Permissions updated.
  1. To go into the Data Export page, click the Gear action button in the upper right corner then select the Data Export card.
  2. In the Data Export screen, make sure that you choose the Profile type of Parishsoft, and that your Organization ID is correct based on How to find your Org ID in Family Suite 
    You can choose the Start Date and End DateC of the contributions you would like to export and then click Donors to IncludeD (Family Suite can only import donors with Envelope or ID numbers) and Export DataE
  3. The file will now save as a CSV file to your Downloads folder (if that is the folder you've set currently for your downloads).  The Files are usually titled by default like this:



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  • When I went to Export the data, my csv file did not include all of the transaction types that were used during the month. I no longer see Credit Card/Debit or ACH echeck as Transaction Types in the drop down menu. The Transaction Type field is not even mentioned on this how to page.

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  • Heather, thank you for reporting this issue. I see you have submitted a support ticket (which is exactly the way to go on this kind of thing). We will update the article as we have new information to report.

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