CNG - Export: Set Up Manual Export from ConnectNow Giving into ConnectNow Family Suite

How to set up manual exports from ConnectNow Giving into ConnectNow Family Suite

Note: The steps in Family Suite must be completed before the steps in ConnectNow Giving

In Family Suite: 

  1. Enable Options for ConnectNow Giving and Integration: Go to Administration > Module Settings > Offering - ConnectNow Giving, and enable both CNG giving options > Save Settings.
  2. Note Organization ID: In Administration > Organizations, note the POL #
  3. Import Permissions: In Administration > Manage Staff, make sure staff person has permission to Import
  4. Enable Import: Go to Offering > Funds and edit each of the applicable funds to Enable Import
    • Note the Description and Fund ID for each Fund

In ConnectNow Giving:

  1. Set up Funds: Go to Organization > Funds and set up your Funds (use the Fund Description for the Fund Name and the Fund ID for the Fund Code (it is best to copy these fields from CNFS and paste them into CNG to avoid typos).
  2. Set up the Organization Profile: Go to Organization > Data Export
    • For the Profile, select ParishSOFT
    • Enter your Organization ID (POL)


To complete the Export/Import process see:

Manually Export/Import Contributions from ConnectNow Giving into ConnectNow Family Suite




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