DFS Family Directory - Staff: How to add new staff users to desktop

How to add new staff users to desktop

  1. In Family Directory go to “Staff” in the menu bar.
  2. Select “Manage Staff” from the drop-down.
  3. Check the current staff list to see if a profile already exists for the user.
  4. Type in the User’s name and “Search”. If they exist, click on the User and “Accept”.  
  5. Fill in the User’s “Staff Details” such as: First and Last Name, Status (active, inactive), birth date, gender, birthplace and maiden name.
  6. Once finished, click “Update”. If the User does not already have a Family Record in the directory, you will receive an alert to tell you that creating the User profile will create a record in the directory that you will not be able to edit the details of.  Just click “Ok” for this.
  7. Click on the User’s “Staff Details” and fill in: Staff Type, Whether or not they can view, add, or edit pastoral notes, list them in the Parish Directory, First and Last name, Desired Username, Hire Date, Email address.
  8. Click on the User’s “Access Rights” tab to see the list of available access rights. Check the relevant boxes to give the User access to certain modules, and processes in the modules (ex. You can give someone access to “View” family directory information without giving them the ability to “Edit/Add” information in it).
  9. Click “Reset Password” to set a temporary password for login. Usually, it’s set to “pass” as default when you reset.
  10. Once finished, click “Update.” 


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