CMS System - Conversion: Get Data to Conversions Team after Windows 10 Upgrade

CMS was created in Paradox, a very old platform, and we can no longer update the program to run on newer technology. If your software has stopped working in Windows 10, it is time to move to a new solution. These instructions will walk you through preparing your data for upload to the Conversions File Transfer Site.

Note: The following example uses CMS4WIN, or the People Products Icon. Use the exact same steps for FIN4WIN, or CMS Fund Accounting.

Steps to get your data to the Conversions Team when you cannot open CMS: 

Find the CMS Icon on your desktop and right-click. Then, select properties (Image below left). This will bring up the properties screen. Look in the Target and find the -W (image below right). To the right of the -W you will find the path where your data is stored. Make note of that path. In this example, the path is C:\CMS4WIN. 


Open Windows Explorer and browse to the Target Drive. In my Case it is 'C.'

   In most cases, Windows Explorer looks like a manila folder at the bottom of your screen. Double Click on that. Then, browse to the Drive listed after the -W in the Target field.


Find the CMS4WIN or FIN4WIN folder, whichever you are trying to retrieve, and right-click on it. Then, select Send to and Compressed (zipped) folder.

You will get the following prompt and must answer Yes.

Email this zipped file to the Support Team. You will browse to your desktop and select the CMS4WIN or FIN4WIN folder with the zipper

Once you have created this file, upload it to the ftp site as per the instructions you received or work with your support representative to get it to them.


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