LOGOS CONV - Conversion: Export Logos Data Files

I am moving to new software and need my Logos Data Files

When you backup Logos Data through the software, you will get a password protected backup file which may only be accessed when it is restored to the Logos Program.

Option 1: Get a non-password protected copy of the data files:

Logos was written in FoxPro and the data may be accessed using Visual FoxPro.

If you are using a local instance of the program:

If you are using a desktop version of Logos, which resides on your own server or on your own desktop, you may obtain a non-password protected version of the data folder by going into the following locations on your local drive or server:

Logos II C:\Logoswin\Logos\ 

Logos Accounting C:\Logoswin\GL\

Here you may retrieve your data folder often called Data. If your program/data path does not follow the one outlined above, you may right-click on your desktop icon and select Open File Location. This will open the location where your data folder resides.

If you are hosted and use the Go-Global Client to access your data:

Contact the support team (support@logoscms.com) and request an unencrypted zip file of your data. Support will create a File Transfer Site for you and put the unencrypted zip file of your data there for your retrieval.

Note: Support does not schedule backups ahead of time. Do not contact support for an unencrypted backup unless you are done using the software. Once you contact support, you will get your backup within 24 working hours.

Option 2: Export your data to CSV files: 

Logos II People Data 

Logos II or GL Reports

Logos Accounting Export Vendors

Export COA, Balances, and Budgets



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