LOGOS CONV - Conversion: Export Logos Data Files

I am moving to new software and need my Logos Data Files

When you backup Logos Data through the software, you will get a password protected backup file which may only be accessed when it is restored to the Logos Program.

Option 1: Get a non-password protected copy of the data files:

Logos was written in FoxPro and the data may be accessed using Visual FoxPro.

If you are using a local instance of the program:

If you are using a desktop version of Logos, which resides on your own server or on your own desktop, you may obtain a non-password protected version of the data folder by going into the following locations on your local drive or server:

Logos II C:\Logoswin\Logos\ 

Logos Accounting C:\Logoswin\GL\

Here you may retrieve your data folder often called Data. If your program/data path does not follow the one outlined above, you may right-click on your desktop icon and select Open File Location. This will open the location where your data folder resides.

If you are hosted and use the Go-Global Client to access your data:

Contact the support team (support@logoscms.com) and request an unencrypted zip file of your data. Support will create a File Transfer Site for you and put the unencrypted zip file of your data there for your retrieval.

Option 2: Export your data to CSV files: 

Logos II People Data 

Logos II or GL Reports

Logos Accounting Export Vendors

Export COA, Balances, and Budgets



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