LII Attendance - EOY: Create New Attendance Year (December)

At the end of each Calendar Year, you must create your Attendance Groups for the new year. 

Please backup your data files before continuing.

  • CAUTION: There are several issues to consider before creating attendance records for the new year. We recommend that this routine not be run until the end of December after all Attendance entries are complete or when it is necessary to print one or more of the rosters as indicated above. Once this routine is run…

1) Enrollment changes made through Update Attendance BEFORE the first date when a group meets in the new year are actually made to the prior year’s records. The initial Update Attendance screen displays the actual date, but the Attendance Entry screen always displays the meeting date immediately prior. Thus, on Tuesday, January 3, of the new year, if you select a group that meets on Wednesdays, the Attendance Entry screen will show 12/28/(old year) (the prior Wednesday) as the date to be updated by any entries and the records that display are for that year.

2) The previous year’s data remains intact and can be accessed at any time by changing the date back into that year (Calendar  icon on the Quick Access Tool Bar).

Once you are satisfied that your entries and changes are complete, with the date set to the end of the old year, run Create New Attendance Year as shown below. If you have defined any Sporadic or Daily Attendance Groups, the routine will inform you, “Be sure to define dates for Daily and Sporadic Attendance Groups for (year).” 

Create New Attendance Year 
Please note: This is done in late December or in early January. If you have already had classes in this calendar year in the spring and are currently preparing classes for fall, you have likely already created your new attendance year for the current year and may skip this step.

If the Calendar has already changed to the new year, and you find you have no members in your Attendance groups, you must Set the Active Date to last day of previous year and run ‘Create New Attendance Year’ 

To Create New Attendance year, make sure your date is set to December 31, previous year, and click on the icon to Create New Attendance Year. The following screen will display (below left).  

Also, when you click Next, you will get the second screen (above right). Make sure you read the screen and ensure you have met the criteria to create your attendance year.


Sporadic Class Dates

Most Attendance groups meet on the same day each week. A few have sporadic meeting dates. You must go into the Group, and click the Define Dates button to select the dates the group will meet.


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