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Notification Set up and Use

1. All Dashboard users can get notifications. You will need to add anyone you want to receive notifications to the Dashboard with permissions in Home for notifications. You will need to make sure they have Permission To the home module with access to the Notification and Contacts area ( first three at least)

2. After adding your users then create your User Groups, Home/Administration/User Groups

a. Create a new group name: IE: New Members

b. Then choose what users you want in this group. You can add as many groups as you need.

3. You can see any open notifications you have on the home screen. You can also access them by clicking on the green check mark at the top right of the Dashboard window.

4. You will need to create the Definitions of the Categories you will use for Notifications in the Dashboard Home/Definitions/Categories. Select your Location by clicking the green plus sign and choosing your organization, then Under Categories you will choose either:

a. Notification Action: Add action types you will be using, for example, Call, Email, Visit, Test etc.

b. Notification Type: Add Types of things you may be sending notifications for, examples; Benevolence, Counseling, Hospital, First time visitor etc.

5. To add a new Notification, click the green plus Icon at the top right of the Dashboard screen.


a. Type of entry

1. Contact: Someone asking for help/contact

2. User Notification: someone with dashboard access (user) to another user.

b. Individual to Contact

1. Member: Someone in the Church Community list

2. Indiv( VPIN) anyone in the PeopleFlow/ VPIN Module (optional add on)

3. User: someone with Dashboard access

4. Manual Entry: can be used when not using a person’s name

c. Select Individual: click the green plus sign to choose form the church community the person requesting help or enter manually a value if you are not using a person. Such as Van maintenance or Time off.
( you can make them High priority and/or private if necessary)

d. Module: This will group the notification by Dashboard area on the home screen.

e. Type: You will choose the type of contact based on the values in the drop down. This you set up in 4-b above.

f. Date: You can add the date, past, today or future.

g. Reference: add a subject line

h. Notes/ Comments: Details can be added here. ( if you are only adding this and it is closed once added check mark the close upon save box)

i. Assign to: Pick the group to receive this notification. ( set up in #2 above)
You may also click on show users and choose by person if you do not want a specific group to get the notification.

j. click Save and update when done. A notification email will be sent to each user in the group or individual you selected.

Once the Notification is set up you can see all your notifications by clicking on the Green Check Mark that will now appear next to the Plus sign in step 5. You can come in there and choose the Notification you need to add an action to.



1. Click the word “OPEN” on the notification you need to work on. You can then see the details of the notification and add an action to log what you have done.

a. Click Add new button to add what you have done.

1. Choose the action you have taken from the drop down. ( set up 4-a above)

2. Change the assigned to name if you are creating an action for someone else.

3. Put date for your action in this box.

4. Reference is small description.

5. You can click Upload Documents to add a scanned document

6. Click notes to add detail to your action.

You must click the floppy Icon Under action and have the box checked to save this.

The red star: Indicates High Priority

Note pad with pencil: that is to edit the action

Floppy: always to save this action

Red X: To delete this action.

When done with the action and notification you can close it to be removed from the list but it will retain in the member record in Church Community.

You can forward the action to someone to see/handle by clicking the box in the action you want to forward. Then click Forward button  and choose the User you want this forwarded to.



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