Logos Ministry Connect - Church Members May Update Logos II Data Through Logos Connect (Admin: Setup)

How Do Church Members Update their Logos II Data

Through Ministry Connection?

First, you must mark the fields that you want the member to be able to view or update:

  • The church administrator logs in into their account in the Ministry Connection Website: https://logosdashboard.com/login.aspx
  • Then, click on the Ministry Connection tab in the upper right corner to get to the Ministry Connection Page.
  • Under Manage Editable/Viewable Fields, you will mark all of the items you want your church members to be able to View and/or Edit. You will also mark on this page if you want to allow guest giving or guest registrations. That means people can give/register without creating an account.



  • Manage Editable/Viewable Fields screen



  • Give your Members the following link to the Logos Connect web page: https://xxxxxxxxx.logosconnect.com/
  • They will click on the Create an Account button or link to create their account. You may try this out on your own to see how it works.
  • (you may send them an email with this link which walks them through how to use this website) http://vimeo.com/74310752
  • It will also be helpful for you to watch it.



  • Depending on how you set it up, they will be prompted for the following information to create an account or they will be prompted to login using the credentials you have provided for them.




  • Once they have logged in to their account, they will have access to update their Logos II information. However, it will not actually update Logos II until you have managed the account registrations, the overnight sync is run (which we do) AND, you have imported the people records into Logos II.










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