CNA Reports - Budget Report: How to Create a Budget Report for the Current Year Only

How to print a budget report with only the current year budget

There are two reports that will give you the current year budget: the Budget Worksheet and the Monthly Budget/History Reports.


Budget Worksheet

With the Budget Worksheet Report you will need to export the report using the CSV format. Then, open it with Excel and remove 5 columns to get only the current year budget. 

How to create the current year budget report from the Budget Worksheet:

  1. Ledger and Payables 
  2. Reports
  3. Budget/History
  4. Budget Worksheet




Choose the report options that fit your needs and click Preview Report

  1. In the upper right corner, use the format dropdown to select CSV 
  2. Use the Export a report and save it to the disk  

      3. Open the report using Excel and remove the columns that you do not want.


Monthly Budget/History

With the Monthly Budget/History Report you simply must select the correct item on the Report Configuration Page.

How to create the current year budget report from the Monthly Budget/History Report:

  1. Ledger and Payables
  2. Reports
  3. Budget/History
  4. Monthly Budget/history

Make your selection for this report based on your current accounting year.


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