PSFS Administration - Manage Staff: How to assign access rights and permissions to a staff member

How to assign access rights and permissions to a staff member

To assign permissions you must have Organization Administrator privileges assigned to your login credentials.  Note: if you do not have current permission to assign permissions, you must contact the current account administrator (most often at the church but in some cases at the diocese). They will need to update your credentials to give you this permission. If you do not know who to contact, ParishSOFT Support can give you the names of the staff that are set up with assign permission credentials.
  1. Go to Administration → Manage Staff.
  2. Click the individual's name to open his or her staff assignment record. The record opens to the Access Rights tab.
  3. Click Edit Details.
  4. In the drop-down list in the upper-right, select the organization and associated position for which you want to assign access rights and permissions, as shown in the following illustration:
  5. At the top of the Access Rights tab, complete the following:
    • All users must have, in addition to any module permissions, these 2 boxes checked to be able to access ParishSOFT Family Suite: 
      Grant Login Privileges & ParishSoft Access.
    • To allow the staff member to view and edit information in the Pastoral section (located on the Notes tab in Family Details), select the Edit/View Pastoral Notes check box.
  6. The ParishSOFT Modules contains settings that enable you to give the staff member access to modules and assign specific permissions within those modules. Do one of the following:
    • A staff member with Organization Administrator rights and permissions has global access and permissions to all functions. To assign the staff member global access and permissions:
      • Check the Organization Admin box.
      • Click Save & Close. The View checkbox for each module is selected, and all permission settings within each module are selected.
    • To assign access rights to individual modules and specific permissions within those modules, do the following:
      1. Select the View check box to enable the staff member to view and access a module. 
      2. Assign specific permissions within each by selecting the checkboxes.
      3. In the ParishSOFT group, as mentioned above, the ParishSOFT Access check box must be checked to give the member access to ANY modules in the ParishSOFT Family Suite.
      4. (optional) In the ParishSOFT group, select the Suspense Reviewer checkbox to give the staff member rights to review new user registration requests and record change requests.
  7. Click Save & Close.
  8. Once this has been completed, the user must log out and back in to benefit from these changes.




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  • This information was helpful in attempting to get a resolution to my FAILED ATTEMPT to access parishsoft for my Parish.

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  • Cynthia, I see your issue was addressed through a support ticket. Unfortunately, when your access options are not set up, someone at your church or in your diocese with permissions to update login access must be the one who makes the changes. I have updated this article to explain what to do if you do not have these permissions.

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