CNFS Administration - Manage Staff: How do I Assign Access Rights and Permissions to a Staff Member

How to Assign Access Rights and Permissions to a Staff Member

To fulfill their responsibilities, staff members need to be able to access the modules they work in. Then, within a module staff members need to be assigned specific permissions to enable them to perform work-related tasks, such as editing or deleting a record or modifying data. This topic shows you how to assign new access rights permissions to a staff member.

To assign permissions, you must have organization administrator privileges assigned to your login credentials.

  1. In the Organization list, select the organization in which you are assigning the staff member's access rights and permissions.
  2. Click  to display the Staff List page.
  3. Click the link under the individual's name to open his or her staff assignment record.

The record opens to show the Access Rights tab.

  1. Click  to put the record in edit mode.
  2. In the dropdown list in the upper-right, select the organization and associated position for which you want to assign access rights and permissions, as shown in the following illustration:

  1. At the top of the Access Rights tab, complete the following:
  • To give the staff member the ability to log in to the desktop and as a member to My Own Church and ConnectNow Family Suite, select the Grant Login Privileges checkbox.
  • To allow the staff member to view and edit information in the Pastoral section (located on the Notes tab in Family Details), select the Edit/View Pastoral Notes checkbox.
  1. The ParishSOFT Modules contains settings that enable you to give the staff member access to modules and assign specific permissions within those modules. Do one of the following:
  • A staff member with organization administrator rights and permissions has global access and permissions to all functions. To assign the staff member global access and permissions:
  1. Check or uncheck the Organization Admin box.
  2. Click .

The View checkbox for each module is selected, and all permission settings within each module are selected.

  • To assign access rights to individual modules and specific permissions within those modules, do the following:
  1. Select the View checkbox to enable the staff member to view and access a module.  
  2. Assign specific permissions within each by selecting the checkboxes. For descriptions of the permission settings, go to Types_of_Permissions.
  3. In the ConnectNow group, select the ConnectNow Access checkbox to give the member access to modules in the ConnectNow Family Suite.

If you gave the staff member View access to any module in the suite, you must select the ConnectNow Access checkbox.

  1. (optional) In the ConnectNow group, select the Suspense Reviewer checkbox to give the staff member rights to review new user registration requests and record change requests.
  1. Click .

The system updates and applies your changes to the staff member's login credentials.  


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