PSFS Reports - General: How to View, Print, and Save Reports (export)

How to Print, View, and Save Reports

Report Viewer enables you to preview reports and mailing labels before you print or save them.

Report Viewer

Report Viewer Toolbar Functions

Printing a Report  or Mailing Labels

Saving a Report

Displaying Pages in a Report

Closing Report Viewer


Report Viewer

After you set up a report, click  to display the report in the Report Viewer. For example:

Use the buttons in the Report Viewer toolbar (located at the top of the viewer) to perform additional actions, such as viewing pages and printing and saving the report.


Report Viewer Toolbar Functions

The toolbar at the top of Report Viewer contains buttons that enable you perform such functions as print, save, and display specific pages in a report.

To view the function of a button, position your mouse over it to display its tooltip, as shown in the above illustration. To activate a function, click the desired button.


Printing a Report or Mailing Labels

The toolbar has two printer buttons:

        prints the entire report or list of mailing labels.

        prints the selected page only.


How to save a report (or export)

You can save reports in a variety of formats, including text (.txt), comma-separated value (.csv), Microsoft Excel (.xls), and Portable Document Format (.pdf).

  1. In the upper right corner of the Report Viewer toolbar, select the format for the report:

  1. Click .
  2. Select Save File. Then, click .


Displaying Pages in a Report

       To display a specific page of the report, select the page number from the Page box.

       To page through the report, click the page forward or page backward buttons.


Closing Report Viewer

Click   to close Report Viewer.


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