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When posting your Online contribution batch – it is best to Sync and Post your batches daily; while this doesn’t guarantee that a single batch will equal a single deposit on your bank statement, it does help you better manage the batches.  We also recommended that you use the Import/Export, “Import Data from Application” process instead of having the active link turned on. (See last page for setup instructions)



  •  To help you trace your GL Batch back to the Logos II batch, we recommend that you use the Contribution Batch # as the Deposit Slip # when posting your Logos II Contributions.



  • Because you are importing the Ministry Connect batch into GL, the program will automatically add L01 to the end of the deposit slip number (and L02, etc if there are multiple online batches within your Synced Logos II batch). The above entry will result in a Deposit Slip# of 2105L01 on the accounting side.
  • After posting in Logos II immediately go to the accounting program and import your posted batch.
  • As online transactions take 3-5 days to clear your bank, it is recommended that you wait to post these batches until deposits have hit your bank.
  • You can use the Blue Pay Batch list report to verify how the transactions were posted to your bank. BluePay assigns a Backend ID# and those with a like Bankend ID# make up a single deposit.  Once you have verified the deposit has hit your bank you may edit (if needed-see below) and post your batch to the General   

Edit the Batch in GL

After importing your posted contribution batch into accounting, open the batch by going to General Ledger>Individual Transactions.   Select the batch to be edited and click on the Edit Button in the toolbar. 

To edit individual lines within the batch click on the Pencil Icon on the left; to delete a line click on the “red X” icon also on the left.  In the example below you will note that this batch contains both Credit Card (indicated by “CC” in the reference line) and Ach (indicated by “CK” in the reference line).  So at the very least this batch will need to be edited to separate out the CC & ACH deposits.




In the example below we  clicked on the Pencil Icon on line #1.  This populated the fields at the top, where we could then edit.  In this example the Reference was changed from CC In His Steps 2013 to Online Giving CC (credit card).  In addition the Deposit Slip # was modified to add “-CC” to distinguish it from the remaining ACH deposit item on line #2.

To complete the edit tab through the remaining fields until the transaction on line 1 has been update.   It is also recommend that you also edit the credit side of the deposit entry to update the deposit slip number for that line(s) as well.  In the example below that would be line #3.



Next in this example we then edited the ACH transactions.  If your bank statement (or online banking access) uses the BluePay backend ID # it is recommended that you record that number in the Reference line for the bank debit.  In the example below this is line #2.   Also in the example below the particular ACH Deposit hit the bank on two different days so we have not only edited the reference line and deposit slip #, we also edited the amount.   Again after you have made your edits, tab until the information updates the lower grid.

You will also want to edit the credit side of the entry as well.  (Note the credit side may consist of multiple income lines, all should be edited to reflect the correct deposit slip # and dollar amounts.)

Since the above edits were needed to split the$1100 deposit into two, we needed to add the detail for the remainder of the deposit.  In the example below we created a debit entry to the Bank Account, entered a reference, dollar amount (600.00) and used the same beginning portion of the deposit slip #, followed by a “-B”, to distinguish this deposit from the others. 



You will also need to add the credit (income account side of the entry) using the same deposit slip # as the debit side.



When you are all done editing the total debits and credits should be the same as they were in the original batch.  If may be helpful to print out a copy of the batch prior to editing. 


Manually Import MC Batches from LII


Turn off the Active Link.  



                                                                                                                                               Mark ‘Save Contributions to GL during Post.’




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