CNFS Administration - Manage Staff: How do I set up a new user account for a staff member

How to Set Up a New User Account for a Staff Member

In addition to managing access rights an permissions for staff, a key responsibility of the organization administrator is setting up user accounts. A user account gives staff users access to your site. This topic shows you how to set up a new user account for a member of your staff.

  1. In the Administration Module, click  to display the Staff List page.
  2. Click the staff member's name link to open his or her assignment record.
  3. Select the Assignments tab to display the following:

  1. Click  to switch the record to edit mode.
  2. In the Additional Information panel on the left, complete these steps:
  1. In the Username field, type the staff member's user name.
  2. In the Email Address field, type the staff member's email address.
  3. Click .

You are prompted to reset the password.

  1. Click  to reset.

The system sends an email with a temporary password to the staff member.

The staff member is prompted to change the temporary password after logging in to ConnectNow Family Suite.

  1. Click  to save the change and exit the staff record.
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