Logos Ministry Connect - Donor Questions about what giving they see (Donor)

When a donor signs up to give through Ministry Connect and if each has their own Logos Connect login that is tied to their own LII record, the contributions they will see when logged into their Logos Connect Site are:

  1. .01 and .02 will see their own Ministry Connect Donations but not each other’s no matter if the are listed as ‘joint’ givers or ‘single’ giver
  2. .01 single giver or joint giver will see their own online contributions and any giving at the church
  3. .02 single giver will see the their own online contributions and any giving made at the church
  4. .02 joint giver will see only their own online contributions, but no other contributions


When a couple is “joint” in Logos II and they only have one online account which is tied to the .02 record, they will only see the online giving records through Logos Connect. They will not see any giving that is done at the church.

To be able to see all giving when a couple is giving type “joint”, we recommend:

  1. Only use one login for online giving and tie it to the .01
  2. Have both spouses use this one login for contributions
  3. If the .02 wants a separate listing, they may also create their own login, but they will only see the contributions made from this second account when looking online
  4. No matter what logins were created in Logos Connect and no matter which account the contributions were given through (online or at the church), for joint givers, the Logos II contribution statement will list all contributions from both .01 and .02 accounts on one statement


If a couple has created one online giving account through Logos Connect and it was tied to the .02 record, and they now want to change this so they can see all giving through Logos Connect, take this action:

  1. (member or church admin) Delete any existing recurring transactions that are tied with the .02 online giving account
  2. (church admin) Delete the online giving account that was tied to the .02
  3. (member or church admin) Create new online giving account (if it doesn’t already exist) Church Administration must tie it to the .01 (may re-use email that was already used but important to tie it to correct account)
  4. (church admin) Change the couple’s giving type from joint to single
  5. (church admin) Transfer all giving from .02 to .01
  6. (church admin) Change the couple’s giving type from single to joint
  7. After the sync, the couple can use their Logos Connect Login which is connected to the .01 account to make new contributions


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