LA Payroll - Housing: Subject to Social Security & Medicare

How to add a Housing Benefit which is subject to Social Security and Medicare

Logos Accounting Software, Payroll Module, provides Earn/Deduct Codes that have default tax deductions marked (or not marked).

You will find these Codes in File, Preferences, Payroll, Earn/Deduct Codes, then List. Find the one you want to copy and modify (in this case Housing) and go into the Data Entry Screen.

 To create a new Earn or Deduct Code, you may pull up the existing code and click the New icon (top/left ). Select the correct Type of Account and Category, then fill in the description. You may want to modify the Description to reflect the changes you are making. This will make it easier to work with when you add it to an employees Earnings Tab.

For our purposes, we are adding a new Housing Code and marking the Social Security & Medicare Tax options.

Notice, the description of this new Housing Earnings Code shown below has an ssm at the end. This is my indication that this Housing Earnings Code takes Social Security & Medicare where the original does not. After filling out these three items, click OK. Then mark the taxes you want to include in this new code.

Click the Save Icon at the top then close the window.

Now you must go to the employee record and add the new code to their Earnings Tab. If you had the original code there first, un-mark that so it does not get added twice. To get to the Employee Record, besides going into Manage Employees, you may stay in Preferences, Payroll, and click the Employees button.



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