Logos Ministry Connect - Logos Connect Setup: Web Site Link and Adding Text and Images

To find the link to put on a web site for online giving:

  1. Log into Logos Dashbaord
  2. Select Ministry Connect
  3. You will see the website link as shown in the screen below



To update the Logos Giving Online Home page:

  1. Log into the logosconnect.com site (see arrow above) using the administrator password
  2. We recommend NOT using Internet Explorer to update the Logos Giving Online Home Page.
  3. (a) Select ‘Manage’ by clicking on that button at the top. (b) Then click on Content.





  1. Select the ‘Rich Text’ option at the top to update any of the three text boxes. Three new options will display. Select the corresponding option for which text box you would like to update.




  1. When you are done updating the text boxes, select the down arrow to the right of Managing: Content and Exit Management:



  1. To add an image, see the following screens:
    1. Click ‘Images’ and then ‘logoOrgImage’




You may browse for an image using the [Choose File

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