LA GL - Bank Accounts: Changing Bank Accounts

How to update Logos when changing bank accounts

If you need to change bank accounts, make sure that there are no unposted transactions in any data entry routines (GL and AP Individual Transactions, Deposit Assistant, etc.). Then follow these procedures to accommodate the change.

General Ledger:

  • First, go to Define GL Accounts and add a new GL Asset account number for each new bank account.
  • Then, go to Preferences → Banking → Bank Accts and add a new Check Account for each new Asset account.
  • Mark the Primary and/or Payroll checkboxes if applicable to a new Check Account.
  • The Account Info tab will populate after the first check and deposit entries are processed. You can fill in the Opening Statement Balance if you like, or wait until your first Bank Reconciliation, which will then populate these fields.
  • If this account is used for online giving or direct deposit epay, you must contact BluePay to change your banking information before you can use this account online. This process may take a few days, so make sure you do it in advance of needing to send your Payroll and before you close the old account. You will need to fill in the following tabs:
  • Bank Info: Click the Edit button and enter the Account and Routing numbers, Account Type and Company ID information.
  • Bank ACH: This information will populate automatically.
  • Epay: Click the Edit button and fill out the NEW Merchant ID and Secret Key that you receive from Blue Pay for this account.
  • Check the General Ledger Recurring Transactions and update any items that need to change from the original bank account to a new bank account.

Accounts Payable & Payroll:

  • Check the Accounts Payable Recurring Transactions and update any items that need to change from the original bank account to a new bank account.
  • Check Select Items for Payment for any items that you wish to pay from the new account. If any, Reverse and Post them, marking the Restore to AP Transactions so they can be edited and reposted for future payment.
  • Redefine Vendors and Employees to default to the new account. Go to System & Users, click on the Miscellaneous Utilities icon, and then choose the Map Check Accts button. In the From field,
    select the current account. In the To field, select the new account. Check the boxes next to Map Vendors and Map Employees to choose which types of information to update. Click Process to complete the change.

Logos II Church/Donor Management:

  • If Logos II is linked to GL or posted contributions are imported from there:
  • In Preferences → Banking, add this new Check Account, just as directed above in the General Ledger section.
    In Manage Funds, choose each fund that is to be deposited to the new account and change the Checking
  • Account # and the Bank Account number to the new number in Logos II.
  • If processing online giving through Ministry Connect, this change will take place the next time data is synced to the Web, so do not do this until you are sure your BluePay account is set up for the new bank account.
  • Softerware: EZ-Care
  • If you are importing from EZ-Care, you will also need to change the GL Account Number in that program.
  • Contact EZ-Care Support for help with this.


Remember, any Journal entries you import (e.g. for Payroll) will also need to be edited with the new GL account number and bank account number before you import and post them.

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