PSFS Family Directory - Workgroups: How to edit a family workgroup

How to edit a family workgroup

  1. Click  to display the Family Workgroups page:

  1. If necessary, select the organization from the Organization list.

  2. In the Workgroups section, click this button for the workgroup you want to edit: .

The Edit Family Workgroup window for the selected workgroup is displayed. For example:

  1. Type a new name and/or description for the workgroup. The character limit for the Name field is 100 characters.

  1. Do one of the following:

  • Click  to save the new information.

You return to the Family Workgroups page. If you changed the workgroup's name, you see the newly named workgroup listed in the Workgroups section.

  • Click  to exit the window without saving your workgroup information.


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