Logos Ministry Connect - BluePay Transactions: Search or Export (Admin: How to)

From BluePay you may view a complete transaction list by selecting Processing>Transactions>List


You may search for a group of transactions by selecting Processing>Transactions>Search




When your list is displayed you may drill down into the details of an individual transaction by clicking on the Transaction ID.    Or you may export the entire list.  When exporting  you should also choose to include column headers.



When you select Processing>Transactions>Search the search screen pictured below opens up.   You can then search to narrow the list that displays.  If your bank statement prints the backend ID on the deposit you can search by that number to see which transactions are included in that deposit amount.   Or you may simply choose a date range, IE the prior month, of transactions to list.



If you decide to export your list and open the CSV file directly into Excel you may discover that the numeric columns do not display correctly.  If this happens you will need to first open up the exported CSV file in Word Pad and then save it as a Text (txt) file.  You can then open this text file with Excel, indicating that it is delimited by Commas and also select the columns containing numbers and format them as text.   This will prevent Excel from displaying these columns incorrectly.  

You can now rearrange the columns, hide or delete columns and most importantly sort the file by the Backend ID, allowing you to see which transactions are combined into depoits.


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