LA Payroll - Payroll Hours (1-07)

􀁺 To change an employee’s Hours/Rate Amount

1. Select Employees > Define Employees from the Payroll > Data Entry panel or click PR Options
on the Setup panel to open the Preferences > Payroll screen, then select Employees.

2. Select the employee to edit.

3. If this person’s Hours are changing, choose tab 3-Salary Information. Update the Hours/Period

4. Choose tab 4-Earnings and click on the row for the Wages item you need to edit. Click the Edit

5. In the Edit Earnings window, edit the Hours field with the new Hours amount. You can also edit the
Rate field and then click OK to save the change.

6. Repeat for any other Earnings item (Vacation, Sick, etc.) to edit the Rate accordingly. (Hours are not
defined for non-Wage categories.)

7. Save and close the employee’s record.

􀁺 If the Hours/Period amount does not equal the Hours on the Earnings tab…
…the Process Payroll routine will require manually editing the Hours and/or Amount column.

􀁺 If you have already selected this employee to be paid (Process Payroll)…

---Open Process Payroll. An alert will notify you to reset the employee you have just edited. To do so,
select Next and click on that employee in the list. Click the Reset Selected button. A prompt will
ask, “Do you wish to clear <Employee> and redefine?” Select Yes to reset the Pay column for this
person to “U” (Unselected) and to update the Earnings grid with the new Hours and/or Rate.Change the “U” to “P” to reselect the person to be paid based on the new settings. When finished
selecting and updating employees for this pay period, click the Compute button.

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