PSFS Family Directory - Family List: How to add a family to the family list and register them

How to add a family to the family list and register them

  1. Click Family List to display the Family List page.

  1. If necessary, select the organization from the Organization list.

  2. Click Add New Family.  

The Find Family window is displayed to enable you to search the database to see if the family is already in the system.  

Before adding a new family, you must conduct a search to make sure that the family is not already in the database and registered to another parish in the diocese. Searching for a family before adding its records to your organization helps to reduce the number of duplicate records in the system.  It also will allow you to move all demographic and sacrament records for family members from their records in the other parish, as long as the other parish has Parishsoft Family Suite. 

  1. In the Find Family window, enter the family or member's last name (required), first name, and city. Then, click Search.

The application does the following:

  • If no match is found, no families are listed in the results grid at the bottom of the Find Family window. 

  • If a match is found, a list of families is displayed in the results grid at the bottom of the Find Family window. Turquoise highlighted rows identify families that are registered in the selected organization. 

  • Tip: If your search yields too many results, narrow the search by adding search criteria (If you only searched by last name, add first name or first initial).  If the search yields no results or too few, widen your search by removing search criteria.


    You can sort the list of results by clicking the desired column. For example, to sort on Family DUID, click the Family DUID column heading. A directional arrow is displayed on the column header to indicate the column being sorted on and the direction of the sort: ascending or descending .


    5. If the family you want to add displays in the list:

    1. Select the family.

    2. Click Move Selected Family and then select the option to add the family to the parish as unregistered or registered. When prompted, click OK to confirm.

    3. Click OK to dismiss the message confirming the move.

      • If the family you want to add does not appear in the list, Click Add New Family to display the Add New Family form:

    4. Complete the fields on the form. An asterisk (*) indicates required information. Note on how to register a new family: the Registration Status box is automatically checked for the newly added family. You may un-mark this box if you are adding a family that is not registered.
      • You must specify at least one family member as the head, husband, or wife for Type.

      • The application provides instant address validation and suggests alternative addresses, when possible, if an error is discovered.

      • You can use the numeric keypad on your keyboard to enter numeric data into the form's fields.

    5. (optional) To add another member, click the link Add Another.

    6. (optional) Click Auto Fill Family Names.

    To save your text entry time, the application pulls information from the member records in your database and inserts the information in the e-mail address and formal and informal name fields in this section.

    Do one of the following:

    • Click Save & New. The Find Family window opens to enable you to search your database to determine whether or not the family you want to add already has a record in the system. Complete the form, and then click Search to conduct a search.

    • Click Save & Edit to add the family to the database. The form remains in edit mode to enable you to continue entering information.

    • Click Save & Finish to add the new family and exit the form.

    • Click Cancel to cancel and exit the form without saving changes.


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