PSFS Family Directory - Family List: How to add a member to an existing family

How to add a new member to an existing family

This article tells you how to add a member to a family that already exists. To create a new family record, go to How to Add a Family to the Family List.

  1. Click Family List.

  1. If necessary, select the organization from the Organization list.

  2. Select the name of the family to which you are adding a new member. The family record is displayed.

  1. Select the Member Details tab.

  2. Select Add to open a new member form. For example:

    1. Complete the main form with the new member's information. For information about the fields on the form, see Field Descriptions for the Member Details Form.

      • You can use the numeric keypad on your keyboard to enter numbers into any field that accepts numeric data except those on the Contact tab.

    1. If desired, complete the information on the GeneralContactSacramentsReligious Ed., and Misc. tabs at the bottom of the form. If you need instructions for adding the new member's sacrament data, go to Adding_a_Sacrament_Record.

    2. Do one of the following:

    If you are adding a child member to the family record, the application automatically adds the names of the members assigned the role of Husband and Wife to the Father Name and Mother Name fields in the child's record. If necessary, you can remove or change the names inserted by default into these fields.

    • Click Add to add the member to the family and save the member's information to the database.

    • Click Add & New to add the member to the family, to save the member's information to the database, and to display a form to add another new member.

    • Click Add & Edit  to add the member to the family and save information to the database. The form remains in edit mode to enable you to continue entering information.

    • Click Cancel to cancel and exit without saving changes.

    • Click Close to exit the tab and return to the Family List. You are prompted to save or cancel changes.

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