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About the Member List Page

The Member List is a listing of all of your organization's individual member records in the AIM database.


Overview of the Member List

The Member List is a complete listing of all of the members in your organization. As you can see in the following illustration, you can view a lot of information about a member in a single glance. For example:

       Member name, address (both email and physical), and telephone number

       Envelope #  

       Registration status and organization of registration

You can also see the total number of member records in your organization.

The illustration below identifies the main areas on this page. 



Organization List

The organization associated with your ConnectNow login credentials automatically appears in the Organization list, which is located in the upper-right corner of the Member List page.

       If you manage multiple organizations, select the organization whose records you want to access from the list.

       If you want to view records for all of the organizations you manage, select All Organizations.

Only the organizations for which you have access rights and permissions to view are displayed in the list.

If you are returning to the Member List page from another page in the application, be sure to check which organization is shown in this box. The organization defaults to the one selected when you last visited the page.


Search Field

This field enables you to search for a specific member in the Member List. You can use one of the following methods to locate the member you are looking for:

       Type the member's last name or type a member's first name in the field, and then click  to start the search.


       Click  , and then select one or more search criteria to further refine your search.

The results of your search are shown in the Member List. For details on how to set up a "fuzzy" search, see Fuzzy Search_Filters.


Rolodex Filters

As your list of members grows in size, you will find filtering and sorting helpful for focusing on particular information in the list. When used together with the column sort function, the filters let you drill down and see only those records you want to work with. For example, you can set up the filter to view only those members whose last name begins with K:

For instructions on using the filters, see How to Filter Records.

You can also sort records on any column in the list (for example, the Member column in ascending order ) in a way that makes the information more easily accessible. For instructions column sorting, see Sorting the Display of Records.



The toolbar is located under the row of Rolodex filters. The toolbar contains menus and buttons for performing common Member List functions.

# Records Menu

You can determine the number records (default = 10) that are displayed on a page. To do this, select the desired option from the # Records menu.

To speed up page loading, select a lower value.




You can quickly create the following:

       Member mailing labels. For details, see How to Create Member Mailing Labels.

       A custom member list. For details, see How to Create a Custom List of Members.

       Filtered list of members who want to receive contribution envelopes. For details, go to How to Create Envelope Number Reports.

       Complete list of members who want to receive contribution envelopes. For details, go to How to Create Envelope Number Reports.


Column Headers

You can customize the contents and layout of the Member List page to meet your needs. You can determine which columns of information to display in the list. You can also relocate and resize columns.



For details on customizing the layout, see How to customize the layout of the Family List and Member List pages.


Member List

All of the members in the organization you select are listed in the Member list.

        (Select All/Deselect All Checkbox)

Select the checkbox to specify which member records you want to work with:

  • Click once to select all records listed on the page you are viewing. A checkmark appears next to each entry after you check the box to indicate that the record is selected. You may need to use this global checkbox when you have a lot of members to select or when most of the members should be selected. You can then individually deselect those members whose records you do not want to work with.

  •  Click again to deselect all previously selected records in the list. The checkmark next to each entry is removed after you check the box again.

       Individual Check Boxes

Select a checkbox to select individual members in the list. For example, if you are sending an email to one or more members, select the checkbox box next to the member's name to select him or her.

       Member Name Links

Each member listed has a link to his or her own record. Select the link to view or update the member's record.


Horizontal Scroll Bar

Each record occupies a single line in the list. To bring the information that extends beyond the borders of the page into view, click and drag the horizontal scroll bar left or right.


Page Controls

The number of pages in the Member List is displayed at the bottom of the page. Select a page to go directly to that page in the list. Alternatively, click  to page back or click  to page forward through the list.  The total number of records in your entire Member List is shown in parentheses.


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