PSFS Family Directory - Member List: How to delete a member from the member list

How to delete a member from the member list

Only a parish or diocesan administrator can delete a family or member record.

This topic shows you how to delete a member record from your organization's Member List. Sacrament records as well as pledge and contribution records are not affected by a deletion. However, the following member-related records are inactive (unavailable) after a deletion:

● Minister records

● Student records

● Member records

● Milestone records

If the member you want to delete has one or more active ACH transactions or active pledge records (that is, a pledge with a remaining balance), the application cannot delete the record.

  1. Click to display the Member List page:

  1. If necessary, select the organization from the Organization list.

  2. Check the records that you want to delete. For example:

To select all records listed on a page, click . You can then deselect the records that you do not want to delete.

  1. Click .

  1. When prompted to confirm the delete, click .

The selected records are deleted from the Member list.

Due to the amount of information that is associated with a record, the application may require extra time to delete multiple member records at the same time.


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