Logos Ministry Connect - How to Import Data Into LII From MC (Admin: How to)

  1. You will get this flag telling you that you have information to import.



  1. Go into the People Tab and Other Utilities




  1. Look for the ‘Pending Ministry Connect Changes for People.’ If this is not grayed out, you must click on this. Always do this before importing the Contributions. If there are any items to update in the People part, nothing will happen in Contributions until this step has been completed.
  2. You may need to run this twice: Once to Import Changed Members (which will import any changes to existing member records) and once to Import New Members.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

Run through the routine once with the ‘Import Changed Members’ checked off. Go all the way to the end finishing with [Import]. Then go back into this same utility (see step 1) and





Run through the routine the second time with the ‘Import New Members’ checked off. Go all the way to the end finishing with [Import].





  1. Now, Click on the [Contributions] tab and ‘Other Utilities’



Follow the prompts until the process is completed.




Make sure you print all the available reports. Then click [Next]





Click on Finish to complete this process






Once you click on finish, the posted contributions data report will be available to print.




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