LA Payroll - Payroll Process: Record a Manual Check

Record a Manual Check

If you have had to write a payroll check after you have processed payroll you can record the check in accounting by:

1. Select the Payroll tab and choose Edit Payroll Check History.

2. Select the employee for whom you need to enter check data. Select the Checks tab and click on the Add button. Enter the Date Written, Check Number, and OK.

4. Select the Earnings tab and enter the Hours and gross pay amount. Make sure you tab out of the Amount field, otherwise it is not saved.

5. Select the Deductions tab and make appropriate entries there.

6. Select the Taxes tab. You must enter the taxable amount for each tax category (Federal, FICA, Medicare, etc.). Do not enter the gross amount of the check if you have Deductions Before Taxes.

 To update General Ledger

1. Go to General Ledger → Individual Transactions:

Choose the New Batch icon. In the Batch Header window, change the Journal to CD. On the Reference line, type: something like "Record manual checks:


2. Enter each transaction to the CD (Cash Disbursement) journal so that you can identify the checking account and attach a check number. Your account structure will differ from the examples shown, and obviously, your account numbers will vary.

Sample Transactions: Debits / Credits

 • Gross amount of check — debit Salary Expense account (1,000.00)

• Federal tax withholding — credit Federal Tax Liability account (134.71)

• FICA withholding (employer & employee) — credit FICA Liability account (124.00)

• Medicare withholding (employer & employee) — credit Medicare Liability account (29.00)

• FICA expense — debit FICA/Medicare Expense account 62.00

• Medicare expense — debit FICA/Medicare Expense account 14.50

• State tax withholding — credit State Tax Liability account (if applicable) (71.46)

• Miscellaneous deduction — credit Misc Deduction Liability account (10.00)

• Net Check — credit Cash/Checking Asset account (707.33)

3. Print the GL Transactions List report (click the command bar’s Print/Preview icon) to verify the accuracy of your entries. Note that the sample below was run prior to entering the Net Check amount, leaving the batch out of Balance. The batch must be in balance before it can be posted.



4. Once the batch is in balance and you have verified the accuracy of the line items, post the batch.

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