CNFS Family Directory - Family List: How do I move a member from their current family record to their own family record

How do I move a member from their current family record to their own family record?

This may be pertinent in several cases. One example is an adult child moving out of their parent's family record. Another is a person moving out of their current family record as a result of divorce.

Steps: There are five steps to this process:

  1. Create a new family record. Use the name of the person you are going to import.
  2. While still on the family record screen, create a Placeholder member record by 1) selecting the link to Auto Fill Family Names then 2) Changing the first name of the Member to Placeholder (Important)
  3. In the new family record that you just created, in the Member Details Tab, import the member from the old family record. 
  4. Delete the Placeholder member record from the new family's record. (Edit Details, Delete (lower right corner)
  5. Go to the Family Record Tab and change the first name from Placeholder to the correct first name for the Head of Household (and spouse if relevant).

(You must have View and Edit privileges to import a member into a family).


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