LA GL - Fund Accounting: How to change an LF or LT account number

How to change an LF or LT account number

Fund Accounting Protection

When using Fund Accounting (a segment of the account number is defined to indicate the Fund), the program blocks creating an LF or LT account (Restricted Fund accounts) with digits in the Fund
segments that are already in use by another F/LF/LT account. This protects the integrity of your FundAccounting system, but poses one problem: In the Define GL Accounts routine, if you try to change any portion of the account number for an existing LF or LT account, an alert states: Fund Segment Number <n> is already defined. Please assign a unique Segment Number.”


Account # 2000-000-01 — the 2nd segment defines Department and 3rd segment defines Fund.

When you try to change the department segment to 100 instead of 000, the routine first tries to add the new account before it can update the account number for all the transactions tied to the original account. At this point, the routine will find that the LF/LT account with that segment (01) already exists and will not be able to create the new account.

The Procedure to Follow

There are two options to temporarily disable this checking function so that you can make the change —
If you are only changing one account, the easiest way is,

1. In the Define GL Accounts routine, change the Type of the account to L.

2. Change the account number and save the record.

3. Re-open Define GL Accounts, select the updated account and change the Type back to
LF or LT, and then save the record again.

If you are changing numerous accounts, you may find it easier to —

1. Go to Preferences → Chart/Accounts → Advanced → Next.

2. Remove the check mark that defines the Fund segment and select Finish.

3. Open Define GL Accounts and change the account numbers.

4. When finished, return to Preferences and put the check mark back on to redefine the
Fund segment.

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