PSDio AIM - DDM: How to correct posted contributions which are incorrect

How to correct posted contributions which are incorrect

In this article, you will learn about the different ways to correct incorrectly posted contributions. All of this information can be found in this manual for DDM from pages 53-56. Here are links to the different sections of the article.



Correcting Contributions in An Open Batch

  1. Select your Batch and click the View Current Batch button. TheQuickList screen will open, displaying all transactions posted in the selected batch.
  2. Double-click on the posting you wish to edit. The posted entry will display. (If you click on a contribution, ParishSOFT will open the Contributions tab; if you click on a pledge down payment, ParishSOFT will open the Pledge Details tab. Both screen views are shown below.)
  3. For Contributions, edit the Payment Amount. For Pledges, edit the Initial Pledge or Down Payment fields as needed; click OK to confirm your pledge adjustment.
  4. For Contributions, enter the reason for the edit in the Memo field, leaving any previously entered data in place.
  5. Click the Edit <F8> button or the Update <F7> button to save and post your changes. If you click the View Current Batch button, you will see that the change has been posted correctly to the batch. Print this report for your records when you are finished with all changes and are ready to
    close the batch.
  6. Reconcile your transactions with this list to pinpoint any errors. Double click on an entry to fix it.

Edits That are Not Permitted
Note that changes to the posting date, batch, fund, or organization are not permitted. If your posting requires changes to any of those fields, Post a Credit and re-post a new, correcting entry to the appropriate fund. See Post a Credit below for further instructions on this. 



Deleting Contributions in An Open Batch

  1. Select the batch.
  2. Click the View Current Batch
  3. Double click the transaction (or select
    and click Accept) to display it on the
    Contributions tab.
  4. Click the Delete button.
  5. If you click View Current Batch again, you will find that the posted entry has been removed from the Quick List of transactions for the batch.



Correcting Contributions in a Closed Batch (Posting a "Credit" to a Pledge)

  1. Start by creating a correction batch through batch management. Label it in such a way that the purpose is clear. 
    • Make sure the totals on this are correct when you create it. You will be posting negative contributions in this batch, so make sure you account for those. If you are only deleting the contribution you will have a negative batch balance, but if you are re-posting the contribution to a different pledge or different family then you will have a $0 balance. 
  2. Select the fund and newly created batch from the main DDM screen.
  3. Search for the family and the pledge you would like to post to through the search function, either by family DUID or pledge DUID. 
  4. From your main DDM screen, click the Contributions tab.
  5. Enter the amount of the credit as a negative number in the Payment Amount field.**
  6. <Tab> through the Payment Date, which defaults to today’s date and change the date to the date you originally posted the contribution. 
  7. Select either Cash or Credit Card from the payment Type field.
  8. Enter the credit explanation in the Memo field. 
  9. Click the Post F8 button or press your <F8> key to post your entry. Write the batch number on the request for credit or other documentation.

** If the original contribution made an adjustment to the pledge, this process will not automatically delete that pledge adjustment. After you complete these steps you will need to manually make a negative adjustment to the pledge in order for it to remain in balance. 


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