LA GL - Checks: QuickBook Checks (1-23)

Logos Accounting’s Print Checks routines are designed to print to checks provided by Logos
Forms. New users who have a large quantity of QuickBooks checks can select the Check, Stub, Stub
format with Payee from the list of Check Styles.


Define Check Style


1. Go to Preferences > Banking and select the AP Check Style or PR Check Style button.



2. In the Select Check Style list box, choose the Check, Stub, Stub with Payee option. (AP
checks allow you to modify the data that prints on the Stub portions using the Select Detail
Columns and/or Define Column Placement tabs.) Select OK to save this definition.


Print Checks


1. Both AP and PR Print Checks routines allow you to modify the Check Style, as described
above. If necessary, use the Page Setup button to shift check data to fit your printer.

2. Printing AP checks from within the AP Transaction Entry routine uses the Check Style
defined in Preferences.


Order New Checks from Logos Forms


1. When ready to order new checks, call Logos Forms (1-800 544-3427) or visit our website( Besides choosing from various layout options, you can select colors,
backgrounds, and add a logo, as well as order envelopes that fit.

2. Logos Forms also provides your tax forms (W2s, 1099s, etc.), deposit tickets, human
resources forms and a variety of stampers and other supplies

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