LA Payroll - PA Taxes (1-41)

To define multiple County and Local Taxes in Pennsylvania

  1. Preferences → Payroll → Tax Liabilities → On the Local Taxes tab, define your Employer’s PSD number in the Local Name field. The Local WT should be defined with the GL Account number. Then, choose the Define Rates button in the Local WT area.
  2. Select New from the toolbar.
  3. Enter the Local Name, Resident Rate, and Non-Resident Rate, as well as the Annual Amt per Exemption and Dependent, and then click Save. The Local Name entry is not an actual name, but rather a PSD code which can be found at the following website.
    Repeat this process for each local area in which you have employees.
  4. Preferences → Payroll → Employees → On the Salary Information tab, mark the Calculate Local Tax check box, mark whether the person is a Resident, and set the Marital Status code to S if School Taxes are involved. Otherwise, enter the @ symbol. Also, enter the PSD number for the employee in the Local Name field.

All PSD information can be obtained by using the Address Search on the website listed above.

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