LA Payroll - IN Taxes (1-42)

Due to changes in the Indiana tax code, the Logos Accounting program will no longer be pre-defined with the Indiana county tax rates. Indiana organizations will need to maintain the rates within their own program, as defined in State of Indiana – Department of Revenue - Departmental Notice #1, located at

To define County Taxes in Indiana:

1. Preferences > Payroll > Tax Liabilities – On the Local Taxes tab, define your organization’s county in the County Name field. Then, choose the Define Rates button in the County WT area.

2. The rates effective July 2011 will be listed. To change the rate definition for a county, highlight it on the list and select the Data Entry Tab.

3. Make the appropriate changes. At the bottom of the Data Entry Tab there is a Test Entry section which aids in determining if the entry made above will give the desired results.

4. Preferences > Payroll > Employees – On the Salary Information tab, mark the Calculate County Tax box, note whether the person is a Resident, and set the Marital Status code to the @ symbol. Also enter the County Name in the County Name field.

This process will need to be done for each Indiana county for which you have employees, and will need to be updated any time Indiana releases updates to their rates.

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