LII Contributions - Envelope Number Export (2-09)

The Export Envelope Data routine (Contributions > Data Entry panel) provides a data file that you can send to your envelope printing company. The file contains envelope numbers, names and addresses of those who are to receive envelopes. Records that are flagged for deletion are excluded.


1. Select the Contributions tab on the program’s ribbon. Then on the Data Entry panel, select Envelopes > Export Envelope Data. Mark the option for your envelope company. If it is not listed, select Other. If using Cathedral Corporation, enter your Cathedral Customer #, as this routine will transmit the file directly to Cathedral’s web site for processing. If you are unable to connect to that site, the file is saved to your hard drive so that you can send it by email. Select Next.

2. At the Search Criteria window, create a search for those individuals and couples that have envelope numbers assigned.



3.1. Select the Family tab.

3.2. In the Select a Field box, select Envelope Number from the list. Press Tab.

3.3. At Not, press the Space Bar to mark the check box, then press Tab.

3.4. Select Is Blank as the Operator.

3.5. Select Done to return to the Search Criteria tab and see: “Envelope Number Is NOT Empty.” You may enter further criteria or select Next to proceed.

4. At Fields to Sort on, select Envelope Number to set the list to sort in that order. Or choose Zip/Carrier Rt to sort the list by Zip Code. Select Next.

5. At the last window choose a file type in the Export list. Most companies prefer Delimited with Comma. Click Print.

If you selected Cathedral Corporation on the first screen, the routine will upload the file directly to Logos’ FTP site so that Cathedral can then import it. If this is not successful, an alert explains the problem and indicates that the file is saved in the \logoswin\logos\export folder with a file name following this pattern: XXXXX-XXXXX-MMDDYYYY.CSV. The first set of digits are your Logos Customer Number from Preferences > Organization tab; the second set of digits are your Cathedral Customer Number as entered in this routine. The remaining six digits indicate today’s date (Month, Day and Year).

6. In the Save As window, name the file and select its location. (You may choose to create the file directly onto the disk you will send to your envelope company.) Select Save to create the file.

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