LA GL - Budgets: Import Budget (1-20)

Logos Accounting makes it easy to quickly update budget amounts in your General Ledger by
importing a file (Excel, Text, etc.).


Create/Edit a File (Excel)


In Excel, create a file with a header row that contains the following column headings for which you will
be importing data. These header definitions allow the Import routine to automatically match the data
columns to Logos Accounting fields.

Column Header Text Explanation
Column A = fgl_num GL Account Number (0000-000-00 = matching your layout)
Column B = ffiscal_year Fiscal Year
Column C = fbudget_1 Budget Period 1
Column D = fbudget_2 Budget Period 2
Column E = fbudget_3…etc. Budget Period 3… etc. through 12

Option: Save time in creating this file by running Export to Spreadsheet (GL > Utilities >Import/Export), and choosing the All Periods and Budgets for Year option. When you open this
file in Excel, you can quickly delete the “Description” and “Period1-13” columns. Then insert a
column for the Year, and edit the column headers (Row 1) to match the Header Text above.

Enter the appropriate budget amounts in each column for the accounts that you are updating.

NOTE: Make sure that budget amounts are not entered for Title accounts.

Save and close the file, making note of its location.


Import Budget


In Logos Accounting, go to General Ledger > Utilities > Import Export > Import Data from File.
Choose the Budget option and click the Browse  button to open a window in which to locate the file created above. Select OK and then select the Import button to open the field-matching window (next page). Or, use Budget Entry Form (Utilities panel) and select the Import Budget button on the second screen. See Tip on next page.



In this Import Budget window, the header row should be colored and display the name of each
column. If any column headers are shaded and display “Column_1” or other number, click into the
column, and then pull down the Define Grid Column As list box from which to select the matching

Make sure the Ignore first line (contains Header) check box is marked so the routine will not attempt
to import that row.

Select OK. If any errors are found, a window will display the items that need to be edited. In most
cases, you can make the edits there and then proceed. (Or, you may select Cancel, return to Excel
and modify the original file.) Select Post to import the accounts.

If you Cancel from the routine, and then edit the file, when you return to the Import window, you
can select the Restore button to recall the column definitions set previously. Of, if you import
another group of budget amounts later on, if the file being imported has the same name and
columns as the earlier file, the Restore button will recall the earlier column definitions.





After importing your budget, you may use the Budget Entry Form (GL Utilities panel) to
quickly make changes to annual and period budget amounts. You can also use the Add GL
Account button in that routine if you need to add a new account while working on your

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