LA AP - Invoices: Record Unpaid (1-25 )

During the initial startup of Logos Accounting, or if starting a new fiscal year in a new data set, users that operate on an Accrual basis may have some unpaid invoices that are reflected in the Beginning Balances of the AP Account(s) and Expense Accounts. As a result, you need to record  these invoices in Logos Accounting, so that they can be selected for payment, but you do not want them to impact your Expense Accounts again.

The following action will record the invoices, but have no impact on your General Ledger balances:

Go to Accounts Payable → Data Entry → Individual Transactions, and create a new batch for all
unpaid invoices that are already reflected in your Beginning Balances. Then in the Transaction
Entry screen, in the GL Account field, enter the AP Account (Liability) that applies to this vendor.

3. Do this for each of the unpaid invoices that are already reflected in your beginning balances.

4. Once completed, you may print the checks from the Pending Items list and then post the invoices to update your GL Accounts. Or, you may prefer to post the invoices and then open Data Entry → Select Items for Payment, where you can schedule which items to pay when. Either way, once the items are paid and posted, the entries will offset the original Beginning Balances in the AP Account(s), while correctly updating your Checking Account(s).

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