LA AP - Checks: Voided Check Problems (1-34 )

Checks voided in the wrong period are the Number 1 cause for out-of-balance conditions in the Bank Account when trying to reconcile with your bank statement.


Find voided checks:


  1. Select General Ledger > Reports > Checks & Deposits > Check Lists.
  2. Choose the Checks by Date Written option and enter the date range that you are reconciling.
  3. In the Print Preview, use the Search (binoculars) icon and type an asterisk (*). This will find the header record which states Check numbers flagged with “*” are Voided, and it will find any voided checks.
  4. Write down the name of the vendors who have voided checks. (One of the voided checks could be the amount of your out-of-balance condition). After identifying the vendors, close the report.
  5. Open Accounts Payable > Define Vendors. Find the vendor record noted above and select the Check History tab. Voided checks have a zero dollar amount on this tab. Choose the check in question and select Display GL Distribution. There will be entries for the original check and for the voiding transactions. If the date for the voiding transactions is outside the date range that you are reconciling, you know this is the problem. If not, move on to the next vendor.
  6. Once you find the correct vendor, select the Print icon on the Check GL Distribution window.


Repair a check voided in the wrong period:

 Go to General Ledger > Individual Transactions. Your entry will be in two parts:

  1. First, exactly reverse the voiding transactions on the Check GL Distribution report from the Vendor record, using that same date. These entries will be for the GJ Journal which will generate an alert that you are trying to post an entry to a Checking Account for a journal other than CD or a CR. Select Yes in this case.
  2. Next, enter the same voiding transactions, however, give them a date that is equal to or before the date of the bank reconciliation. Again, this is a GJ entry. After posting, your bank account will be in balance if your out-of-balance condition was the amount of the voided check.
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